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Axion Punk - the Inspiration / Eschaton - Mark III - Part 2

and now we present some tentative steps into an environment -21 minutes into the future.

Followed by part 2 of the Eschaton campaign.

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Kara-Tur - Some Thoughts - Part 2 - Race Ideas

Besides the races mentioned in the previous blog entry, here's a rough list of other potential Races.

BullyWugs: This race has organized themselves as the bankers of Kara-tur.  They are known for being very petty and often compensate for their own limitations with their wealth.

Elves:  The Maraloi, or Snow Elves, Live in the land of the Snow Demons.  While normally incredibly isolated from outsiders, the last sundering caused great damage to their homelands.  This has started a sort of Cold War between them and the Spirit folk, as both have their own opinions about "restoring the lands."

Kobolds: They have done well in the merit-based society of Shou's lung and often rise to a position of some sort of bureaucrat.

Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of all type abound in Kara-tur and in particular Kozokura  The most common types are Inugami(dog), Kitsune (Fox), Bakeneko (Cat), and Tanuki (badger).  While there are many communities sprinkled across the world, they are a sort of a superstition and fear to the point where they often have to register themselves with the local magistrate to have protection against mobs.  In fact, many a Hengeyokai starts their adventuring career by being run out of town.

Hobgoblins: Once invading marauders, the hobgoblins now line the armies of both Shou and T'u Lung. In fact, the great warrior Wo Roku of Shou Lung is known for his great integrity and tendency to kill the corrupt and has gone into exile multiple times because of his honor (a cough, cough Worf, cough, cough)

Kenku: Their "murders" are best described as flocks of bandits. they descend on an area and tear from the land before going away. However, they are also known for being excellent teachers of the mystic arts.

Korobokuru:  They are most common in the Northern Parts of Kara-Tur.  There is some debate whether they are an offshoot of Dwarves or Gnomes, but at any rate,  these small, but strong humanoids often adventure because they have been exiled from their clan and need to prove themselves to come back.

Minotaur: The ox head demons are one of the larger citizens of kara-tur. While crude, they are hard working and very stubborn. They are also very family orientated and will do anything for them (which usually includes their adventuring party).

Orcs: Imagine an entire race of Zhu Bajie, that occupy the lowest ranks of Shou and T'u Lung society. Their massive criminal organization has ties everywhere in Kara-Tur.

Spirit Folk:  These Spirits made flesh often have a spiritual connection to untouched wilderness.  They are most common in the Jungles south of Malatra and north of Shou Lung for bamboo.  The Great mountains around Talbot is another area where Spirit folk dwell.

Tabaxi: For some reason, they seem to excel at restaurant and hospitality business within Shou Lung (samurai pizza cats).

Tako:  While originally not wanting to do anything to do with surface dwellers, these strange sentient octopuses have become citizens to the local kingdoms.  They are particularly common in Kozukura where they are fisherman that live on the relatively shallow continental shelf and come up for market day.  They are renown troubleshooters as a species and often sent by their local magistrates to deal with strange situations.

Thri-kreen: This massive hives of the northern wastes are known for their silk, which is a side effect of their larval young. Despite their outsider status, they have this coming of age ceremony where they must return with a name of a great deed to earn their place within the society. They also have invaded shou lung in the past in a manner that would make the Bugrom from el hazard proud.

Tiefling: Wo Mai dalliances have been many and it has bred true throughout Kara-tur. Additionally many former humans were transformed during the sundering, especially in Kozakura.

War Born: As an attempt to reduce the numbers games, Wo Mai has forged a number of Terra Cotta soldiers with life. Many of these become dissatisfied with their profession and have deserted the dark armies to seek a life of their own.

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Kara-Tur - Some Thoughts - Part 1 - Overview

I started stewing on and decided to compile it here for ease of access.

any who my two cents.

1. It's going to be called Kara-tur - Lands of Enlightenment rather than Oriental adventures.  The way I see it, it's a more suitable title.
2. This is going to be as historically accurate to Asia as dungeons and dragons are to Europe. in other words, barely enough to count.
3. I'm taking full advantage of the fact that we've had two sunderings since the last book has been done so it can be reshaped as we see fit.
4. I'm going to follow the "points of light" model. aka most of the places are scary, at least until the big damn adventurers show up to kick ass.
5. I'll reskin and reuse most of the time, at least unless I feel something is missing.  we have a ton to work with.
6. I like races other than humans so expect a ton of them.
7. the following is chocked full of pop culture references so I apologize in advance.

okay with that in mind, here are my thoughts.

Shou Lung: aka the celestial kingdom is in shambles.  The last emperor is nearing death and he was rendered infertile, thus creating a future power vacuum.  As a result, each of the major families is jockeying for position to control the throne.  But their's a rumor that the emperor is seeking lichdom to extend his "mandate of heaven."

Shou's lung is a very multicultural and multiracial place as even those monster hordes that invade usually become Shou within a generation or two.  It also is known as the middle kingdom and has a similar property to sigil when it comes to accessing other planes of note.

T'u Lung:  In contrast, the T'u lung has never been stronger.  the acorn of Wo Mai was broken during the last sundering and now he rules these lands with an iron fist (think Aku from samurai jack for a sort of results).  This has continued the war between shou and t'u for hundreds of years.  If Shou were united, they would have brought the smackdown, but Wo Mai's spies and warlocks are everywhere and continue to sow discontent in their northern neighbor.

Koryo:  The land of the Dragon Turtle main race is Dragonborn, not Human.  They are a proud people that have been split between the glorious purple empire of the north and the golden kingdom of the south.  They also see themselves as under siege from their neighbors and it is their pets that allow them to stay free, for just a little while longer.    In between the two Dragonborn kingdoms is the Kappa Kingdom, who keeps playing both factions off each other.

Kozakura: The Waring states are jockeying for position in the land of the samurai and ninja.  The last sundering has caused it to be known by it's another name: the land of a thousand oni.  Many were reshaped into monsters in body, if not in spirit.  Imagine the old anime hyperpolice with a healthy dose of war of all against all.

Talbot:  This isolated kingdom of Vanara is rumored to be in its own demiplane.  Despite being a peaceful place, these "yeti monks" often leave their place to seek "enlightenment" which usually causes problems for those that cross their path.

Wa:  The black demon ships of Wo Mai broke Wa's peace and they have been forced to look outwards, not inwards to adapt to a changing world.  think ninja scroll with a healthy dose of Rurouni Kenshin.  These can be played as humans against monsters or as horrible xenophobes based on story needs.

Malatra:  This area is now the home of the Saurial Tribes (because dinosaur people are awesome) who live in the land of the Kaiju.  Great megafauna and dinosaurs roam this land and often go on rampages that go far beyond their borders.  This may have been influenced by a godzilla marathon. :p

Come to think of it, saurials already kinda have a caste system, so another point for using them in this area (that and their official standing in the area).

The Island Kingdoms: This area usually covers everything from indonesia, to malaysia, to borneo, so hard to give it's own feel.  I do want a singapore type city that acts as a place of exiles from other areas.  Throw in islands of vampires, headhunters, pirates islands, and a couple of dragons that have been exiled and seek revenge and it becomes the sandbox the gm can play in hard.  Need an artifact that has been missing from generations, a teacher of forbidden magic, or a monster that is very rare whoses parts can cure an otherwise uncurable disease?  start at the island kingdoms.

Even though it isn't quite right, A while back I heard an offhanded comment that Thailand was treated as the Transylvania of asia in media and asked about it.

aka a place of black magic, vampires and ghosts.

combine that with ankor wat and historical vietnam and cambodia and serious potential for gaming.

I'd probably put it on an island closest to the Kara-tur mainland and put it in conflict with everybody, especially T'u Lung due to proximity.  Prehaps a redoing of Bwa with this flavor.

Plain of Horses:  The horseclans were once united under the great Yamun Khahan.   He created a Grand Army of the Tuigan who conquered a vast amount of land between Faerun and Kara-Tur until his death. After the resundering, a mysterious figure has returned to the clans.  Claiming to be Eke Bayalun, the wife of the great Yamun Khahan, she has managed to reunite many of the clans, despite being a woman.  Her contact with the spirits is unmatched anywhere in Kara-tur, as she claims she has been in the spirit world for centuries.  She sends her horseman everywhere in the known world, searching for Artifacts of previous eras, recruiting of people and monsters and using a hidden area as a natural conduit for ensuring that they return to glory and conquer all known lands.

Including the following as places to expand on at some point or for your own sandbox.

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MLSS: In Search of Dragonbait

Part 1

Part 2

Saurial Fanboys go to the Jungles ofChult to save their beloved Dragonbait.

Staring Lorathorn of Tome Show Fame.

This is the adventure response to this