Thursday, August 6, 2015

Anaylsis of Colosonaut era - Part 2

AvsX - the blundering of potential.

I don't mind a story arc whose main purpose is to have hero fight hero. I'll let others argue the details of the arc itself. the main purpose of this is to show Colossus' context within it.

Right off the bat, the crossover sped up his time as this world breaker...which we never saw.

1. the red hulk/colossonaut fight was decent, but it required a moral victory for colossus, which resulted in his defeat. I guess we should be grateful we at least saw it, but man, the first major fight we see and he loses it.

2. Colossalnaut/Thing: This time we finally see how much powered up the new form is. I'll give them credit for it, but it didn't need the kick from red hulk to begin with. Kinda takes the wind out of the sales of a win when it starts with a humiliating cheap shot.

3. Colossalnaut/Spidey: While this was the curb stomp we expected, we didn't release this was used to set up sillyness later. quite frankly, normal Colossus can sonic slam spidey.

4. Phoenix 5: One of the few good things that came from this is he was treated as the one whom had the least bad intentions when it went out of control.

a. the breaking up of Kitty: He shows up, woos his beloved thinking the phoenix force could balence the darkness inside him. Kitty rejects him and he flips out. Yet despite being augemented by both cyttorak and a fragment of the phoenix force, he almost gets his heart ripped out.

Honestly, it probably wouldn't have done anything as it's been proven that classic juggs can regenerate better then wolverine, but they presented it as a death blow if ripped out...kinda a dick move here. I'm hoping it was just a pausing that got him to 

b. Thor vs the Rasputins: We got lucky this time...we got a single picture and that's it. 

c. the Spiderman incident: This is probably the reason why spidey was curbed stomped by colossus earlier. I have no problem having spiderman play the trickster, but it was badly written. So we have this epic fight between Illyria and screen. 

My only solsice is that at least Piotir dealing with demonic forces actually made the world a better place, unlike some Peters .

5. Post Phoenix Reveal: Oddly enough, I don't have an issue with the reveal. I think it advances both characters and gives them some space. Both have been through a lot and it makes sense that illyria is so messed up that she did this out of love. once anger issues have been worked through it will be a healthier relationship, but illyria will have to get her conupence. She pissed off cyttorak hard and spends most of her time in a realm where she is at a fragement of her magical power. It's not going to be pretty.


Don't get me wrong. I like the internal struggle that he was going from. Colossus augmented with the Juggernaut should have been an event in itself, but it was horrifically sidelined. Most of his greatest fights happened off panel so we have no evidence of this era.

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